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                                     A H Parker High School Class of 1961


                                  Our Reunion and Historical Site!


We welcome all fellow Classmates and guest members to our historical A H Parker 1961 Website. Many former Classmates were only with us for a short time, and a majority, by the grace of God has, as of May 31, 2021, are still with us. May 31, 2022 has come to past, Covid-19 is slowing allowing life style changes, and we are keeping the faith, and we are having our Celebration Of Life before our eyes, while we can feel it,  and see it.  All are welcome to join our group and share your memories and pictures of our past and present of friends, teachers, events, and historical markers, and A H Parker High School. The Thundering Heard welcomes you, and is eager to see you in our future reunions and get togethers. Joining is easy, locate your name in the "Classmate Profiles," enter an email address, create a password, sign in, tell us about yourself, include a photo or two, and then check out the Website.


Our A H Parker Class of 1961 Web Site, created on December 11, 2009, has recorded 135,493 visitors to our Website Home Page.  Our goal of providing information to keep us connected, updated, creating our own Personal Profile Page,  sharing information, and communicating  with other members continues to draw great interest. We have the freedom and privacy to blog away on topics of interest, and generally,  inform each other on "what's Up" in the future.  Our  goal is to continue our Web Site  Scrapbook, Picture Gallery, development, and  to preserve all  of our memories for all Classmates, families, Guest Members and friends is our Gateway to the "Then and Now". Our site is private and password protected, that will keep our treasures safe for generations to come. This repository of information will remain on-line long into the distant future after we have all departed.  We have made much progress in re-establishing  our links to meet our new challenges but we need your assistance to continue our progress.


On March 2, 2023, members and friends of our our A H Parker 1961 Class will  host  a tour that will include Tel Aviv, Israel and Cairo, Egypt.  AAA  Alabama travel agency has been appointed to facilitate and research costs, and the requirements. AAA  Alabama was selected because of the volatile financial conditions that exist around the world. The month of March is selected because you do not want to risk a dust storm and be trapped in your hotel during our tour period, and the temperature is very critical because of our age. The initial cost of the tour will be posted on our Website before May 31, 2022 to lock-in the price and payment arrangements, which will be managed by AAA  Alabama. The itenerary will be posted on a special Webpage that will require logging onto the Website to review detailed information. The cost of the Air Fare can not be determined until Six (6) months before the actual travel date, and AAA Alabama will manage the specific travel arrangements for each participant. Each participant  or subgroup will depart  from the closest  International  airport near their communities, and we will all arrive in Tel Aviv, Israel within the same  time frame, and be escorted to our hotel. We will be assigned a tour guide who will travel with us during our tour. Our Website will be updated as more information becomes available.  


Our 1961 Web Site was created to memorialize the fallen in our "In Memory" that welcomes your comments, pictures, and updates.  Two Hundred Seventy Nine (279) of our known Classmates have been entered into "IN MEMORY" on our 1961 Website. The 1950 Census is available on-line and it is very helpful in updating and maintaining information. We have made substantial progress in installing a yearbook picture for everyone as our search for new information continues..  


May 31, 1961 is the historic date that we graduated from  A H Parker High School, and May 31, 2021 represents our 60th Anniversary date.  Covid-19 has had the last word on all organizations and longterm planning. There are still a few bumps and hurdles that we must overcome in the consideration of safely organizing large events. It is our hope that by the last quarter of 2022 a healthy landscape will be coming into view.


Our Password protected Picture Gallery has more than 3000 pictures from the year 1887 through 2022 that includes the origins of  A H Parker High School.  Documents stored on our Web Site  are  safe from fires, floods and other disasters that may threaten our own personal  treasures. Security provisions and password protection are an integral part of our operations on our  A. H. Parker High 1961 Web Site.


Thank you for being a visitor and a registered loyal supporter of our A H Parker 1961 Website.