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Our A. H. Parker Website was created in December,  of 2009, and it is our fifteenth (15th) year of connecting and serving the members of our 1961 Class,  and registered  guest members,  and recording over 166,614 visitors to our Home Page,  and  serving  our A. H. Parker 1961 Class Web Site Community, located all over the United States.  Click on the heading, Classmates Profiles,  find your name, and click on join, no credit card is necessary to join this site. If you graduated in our 1961 Class and you would like to see the entire contents of our Website, you must register as a member, you must create a Password and become a registered member of our Website for access. As a member or guest member, you must complete a registration process to gain access on our free Web Site.  Go to our home page and at the top right hand corner of the "Home Page"  scroll  to the section "Join Here" find your name and complete the registration process. If you want to become a guest member or do not see your name, you must make a request that your name must be pre-added before you can register on our Website, by calling Ronald Goodwin, 202-288-8066, administrator of our A H Parker 1961 website. If your name is not listed as a Classmate or guest member, you will not be able to access our website.  A Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer may be used for this process. We have more than Three Thousand (3000) pictures of events and articles stored on our Website. Security is one of our greatest concerns in protecting the  content stored on our Website, and a password is required.  Send a message to Ronald Goodwin, Site Administrator at  or  call  202-288-8066, and we will respond to your concerns or questions as soon as possible. My personal email address is   If you have suggestions for improving our 1961 A. H. Parker  Web Site, Please do not hesitate to contact us at 202-288-8066.


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