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Welcome to our A H Parker Class of 1961 Web Site. This site was set up in 2009 with a goal of providing information to keep us connected, update our personal Profile Page, blog away on topics of interest, and generally,  inform each other on "what's Up" in the future.  Our next goal is to continue our site  Scrapbook, Picture Gallery, and  to preserve all  of our memories for all Classmates, families, Guest Members and friends., Our site is private. Since 2009, we have been breaking down the barriers and overcoming the obstacles that separate us by distance and time.  We have made much progress in re-establishing  our links to meet our new challenges but we need your assistance to continue our progress. .


You may join our free A. H. Parker 1961 Parker Web Site at and immediately begin to enjoy  a brief review of our history and highlights,  beginning with our first Class Reunion in 1981, our Twenty (20) year celebration  in Birmingham, Alabama, and many events recorded in our Picture Gallery. Our 1961 Web Site was created in  December 2009 and we have recorded more than 73,951 visitors to our Home Page. If you would like to make your voice heard, go to  our What's New Web Page, and instant messaging is one of our newest features where you create your own announcements,  send your own private and public email, and update your personal profile page. Add pictures to your own Classmate Profile page.


Our Password protected Picture Gallery has more than 2000 pictures from the year 1887 through 2017. to include our October 2016 visit on the Civil Rights Trail and The National Shrimp Festival.   Documents stored on our Web Site  are  safe from fires, floods and other disasters that may threaten your personal  treasures. Security provisions and password protection are an integral part of our operations on our 1961 A. H. Parker Web Site.


Thank you for being a registered loyal supporter of our 1961 Web Site