121st Participants


A H Parker High School has remained one of the greatest educational institutions in America because of its dedication to elevate the level of understanding of it's students, mold the character, morals, and infuse leadership, cohesiveness,  and spirituality to follow the foot paths of the teachers and community leaders who preceeded us. It is very obvious that 2021 presents a special challenge that we have never faced in recent history, but we learned how to overcome many years ago, and obviously, we have inherent survival skills by the grace of God. We are assembling a list who have made contact indirectly and through conversations with others that they will support and attend our A H Parker 121st  Anniversary Celebration. We are contacting Classmates by direct mail who are not registered on our Website, relatives and friends to continue raising funds so that others can follow in our footsteps. We are looking forward to seeing you in Birmingham on April 20, 2021. This listing will be updated daily and as we learn new information. We will overcome the new challenges presented to us in 2020, we are all in this together. 


Diane Roberson Braddock, Maryland

Shirley Youngblood Brunson, Chicago

Jackson Cook, Detroit

Gwendolyn Chatmon Corrin, New Jersey

Mary Ann Long Cottrell, Birmingham

Sonjia Turner Cleveland, Ohio

Odessa Conley Cain, Birmingham

Adolph Davidson, Birmingham

Ronald Goodwin, Washington DC

Katie Felton Hollins, Birmingham

Margie Owens Knox, Chicago

Charles McCloud, Mississippi

Ruby Manning Palmer, Georgia

Lloyd W. Moore, New York

Willie Peoples, Detroit

Willie Price Jr., Maryland

Celestine Price, Maryland

Yvonne Barmore Ragland, Chicago

Olivia Foster Ridley, Birmingham

Edna Taylor Schotborg, New York

Benny L  Starks, Chicago

Belinda Starks, Chicago

Sherald Green Washington, Atlanta

James Whitaker, Birminghan

George Wheeler, Florida

Joan Vernon Wooten, Florida